Metal roofing is a gorgeous alternative to accent and compliment a home such as copper on a bay window or bare metal on a front porch. Diversified Roofing company specializes in fabrication and installation on numerous specialized applications such as turret’s, porches, bay windows, radius roofs concave/convex roofs in your choice of copper or color clad steel panels.

Diversified Roofing Company Customized Fabrications:  Every roof or accent piece on a house has its own special characteristic’s.    Diversified Roofing Company can create a truly unique accent for your home with the custom metal roofing shop located in Minneapolis, MN 

Diversified Roofing Company specializes in metal roofing and custom metal fabrication.  All fabrication and installation is completed by Diversified Roofing Company’s co-owner, Bill Anderson, Minneapolis, MN. 


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