What is the typical cost of a metal roof?

The average cost is approximately twice the cost of a low-grade regular roof, however, the cost of the asphalt roof has doubled since June of 2008 so it makes it much more comparable in price. Metal roofing is the wise choice because you get 5 times the life span of an asphalt shingle roof and cedar too. You may spend a little more but you get a lot more!

Is it noisy when it rains?

No it is not noisy when it rains. You can still hear an asphalt roof but with a metal roof the only difference is the pitch during a rainfall. Example: When you go into a pole barn where there is no sound barrier such as sheathing or insulation it makes a noise, ting, ting, ting. When you walk into a house or commercial building with a sound barrier you do not hear it so much. I have a metal roof on my house and I enjoy the sounds of a metal roof. It’s really no different than asphalt.

Should I tear off my old roof or should I do a layover?

It is always best to tear the old roof off because you are replacing your roof with a metal roof that you will hopefully never have to be replaced again. It is in the home owner’s best interest to get a thorough inspection of the roof sheathing inside and out to check for any leaks or damaged areas. Remember that water and wood lead to mold, mold leads to allergies and possibly lifetime sickness for you and your family.

What kind of underlayment and fasteners does Diversified Roofing Co. use?

Underlayment is installed just like a regular asphalt roof but we use a high-temperature ice and water to insure that it won’t melt under extreme heat under the metal roof system. It is installed 6′ up from the eaves, around the chimney and all penetrations We then cover the rest of the of the roof with a 30 pound felt guaranteed not to rip or leak and has a 20 year warranty. We screw all panels down to insure the best weather-tight and wind resistance possible.

What are the energy savings of a metal roof?

Because a metal roof has reflectivity and emissive elements it cools your home and you will not be forced to run your air conditioner all day which means savings throughout the summer. I have noticed that I do not use so much heat during the winter time either because it holds heat in my house. With excellent heating and cooling elements in a metal roof I believe that I will pay for my metal roof within 10 years because of the energy savings alone.

Why Diversified Roofing Company should install your roof?

We recommend that you have a professional contract install your roof because a poor installation could be detrimental to your home and there are no warranties. Because Diversified Roofing Company installs metal roofs 100% of the time which is installed by co-owner, Bill Anderson, you can be assured that you will have a professional install in less time and hassle than you could do it yourself.

What kind of maintenance does a metal roof require?

Your metal roof will need minimal maintenance. Once a year, a painted panel may be rinsed off by using a light detergent to remove dust, dirt or other contaminants that may impair the efficiency of your roof.

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